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Joy's Party Gift Set

Joy's Party Gift Set

SKU: 7769568

This gift set will be perfect to bring to a BBQ party or give as a gift for Father's Day. This gift set includes:

(1) Joy's Jerk BBQ Sauce

(1) Your Choice of Joy's Buff Bay Dry Rub or Joy's Jerk Dry Rub

(1) Your choice of (1) Joy's Hot Sauce- Heritage, Mango Habanero, or Calypso Dance

(1)  BBQ Toolset

(1) Meat Thermometer

(1) Set of Heat resistance gloves (up to 932° F)



Gloves - The outer layer is made of aramid yarn and the inner layer is of bleached cotton. printed with silicone rubber to increase anti-slip and heat resistance.- Heat-resistant, instantaneous touch with 500 C/932 F high-temperature objects, at the same time with level 5 anti-cutting performance, better protect your hands, so as not to burn, cut. It has excellent flame retardancy, thermal stability, chemical stability, and long service life.


Tool Kit  - contains 4 in 1 Spatula, power Tongs, BBQ Fork, Silicone basting Brush, Grill cleaning brush, Knife, 8 skewers, and 6 corn holders

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