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The Story of Joy's Island Spice

My grandfather, Solomon Morris, was the Buscha (foreman) on a plantation in rural Buff Bay, in the parish of Portland that extends from the northeast coast of Jamaica up to the heights of the verdant Blue Mountains. This lush area was home to many Maroon communities, from which the tradition of Jerk cooking originated.  
My father, Ken, was raised in this idyllic setting, with abundant crystal-clear mountain rivers, plentiful varieties of tree-ripened fruits, fresh vegetables still dripping with morning dew and where rich natural herbs and spices flourished; all of which offered incomparable flavors. Our family’s recipes were developed in this soil-rich organic environment where nature taught people how to live. I grew up watching my father transform nature’s abundant gifts into amazing sauces using recipes and techniques that were passed down to him. My family takes pride in offering these delectable sauces and elixirs to you with the same reverence towards nature’s gifts.

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