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Megami Magazine Rx Zip 136 --> DOWNLOAD

Megami Magazine Rx Zip 136 --> DOWNLOAD

Pokemon Go Is Changing the Media Game .While the rumor mill has been working overtime with its investigations of the prospects for a Supernatural spin-off, another group of fan-favorite characters are about to enter the mix. We now have confirmation that CBS is developing a spin-off of the fan-favorite characters of the CW drama. Unlike “Zap!” though, this spin-off will be a backdoor pilot, not a straight pilot. While fans have recently speculated that the network is looking to develop an entirely new chapter of the show featuring new characters (which would be hard considering there’s only two main characters), that isn’t the case, according to CBS will be developing a backdoor pilot for the spin-off, which will arrive sometime in the first half of next season. According to TV Line, the backdoor pilot will be an hourlong episode that will answer the question of what happens to characters such as the brothers, Sheriff Jody Mills, and the gang after the show leaves the world of the supernatural to venture into the real world. This would be another effort by the network to dip a toe into the world of television that is smaller and more intimate than the network’s other offerings. It’s a bit surprising that CBS is still considering a backdoor pilot considering the season six finale of Supernatural aired on March 25. However, this is very much in line with other backdoor pilots, like Family Guy’s “Chick Cancer” and “Dead Mother’s Day,” which both debuted in the first half of a new season, and have had a highly successful run. For the backdoor pilot to air, an episode would need to be produced for the new fall season. Thus, “doorway” pilots are usually targeted for the new season. Given that Supernatural is one of the rare shows on broadcast television that can hang its hat on its fandom, there is a solid opportunity for a spin-off to successfully kick off the new season if CBS is careful in how it portrays the Wincest to the wider universe. If the backdoor pilot is successful, it will be interesting to see if the network gives the rest of the Supernatural season a push, or if it simply runs another episode to bring the show to a close. Supernatural returns this fall for its season seven installment on the CW. The show’s sixth season will return later in the


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